Fire before Darkness

Sometimes it is just there and sometimes it is nowhere to be found.



Almost. Such a vanilla word

Almost brave, almost in love. A push and you get in a pull and you get out. Still mirrors create illusions beware what is your constant



The ship flows gently on a blue carpet and colorful life carries you away

The Wild Side of Good Morning

A quick sip of espresso and you begin your day.
Walt Disney said “if can dream it, you can do it”
But it comes more natural that if you can capture it,then it actually exists.
This is the dreamy aspect of our scenery-like world and it is real.


When colors suffice

Those autumn days that urge you to go out and devour with your eyes every single image around you. Those places that lure you into losing yourself again and again walking up and down the maze. Those infinite horizons that promise you that everything is possible. And then the storm. Gradually, the smell of the air changes, the touch of the breeze chills you and the first heavy drops blur your lence. And you know you are in the right place at the right time no matter what.



The Winner takes the Mall – Catchy phrases for marketing campaigns’ competitions

Okay, you realized the potential of “unleashing the power of marketing”, you read tons of articles and took kind advice from expert sites and books… but what about the practical aspects? 

Competitions, contests, sweepstakes, instant win games and giveaways are one side of the multi-faceted coin. 

I will not focus on the kind of competition you will need to create so as to catch your audience’s attention. This is a matter of product, service, mentality and attitude. 

I will move on proposing ways for finding catchy titles for your competitions. 

Be inspired, let your imagination free and join the delirium 😉

1. Classic songs, current hits, famous lyrics

You know how some phrases stuck in your mind. You either sing them aloud if they come from a song or you find yourself examining the real meaning behind them in your car (or metro or bus…). Move along! Allow yourself to be creative and give your imagination the chance to play with words change the meaning, enforce the meaning, create value! See the title of this passage. Why not intriguing your customer to participate in your contest promising bonus cards and gifts for the mall? Just saying.. 

But beware! Being tacky is not what you are aiming to. So give it a little more thought that you would.

2. Rhyme and Rhythm

Do not underestimate the power of vowels and consonants. Place them in the correct order, choose the correct way and boom you got yourself a poet.

Alliteration is  “the repetition of a particular sound in the prominent lifts (or stressed syllables) of a series of words or phrases”. In poetry it creates melody. In the title of your competition, it will at least raise awareness of what you have. Be relevant though, you don’t need to disorient your crowds..

Maybe mesmerized, maybe millionaire – without rhyming

Maybe more, maybe most 

look for “your brand (if it starts with ‘L’, excellent)”

don’t look lost – with rhyming, and there, there your GPS got thousands of Suitors.

3. Beautiful Beautiful language

Spend some minutes to contemplate how often you have noted down mentally a name that you actually preferred more than others, a word that you found more graceful than others, a sentence that touched you in a particular way because of the words it used to convey its message. 

That’s my point. Words create sentences. Sentences are the tool to communicate. Big news..

Well, actually, that’s the point. Choose wisely the words you use. Create the image you want, share the magic of your brand through not only relevant, representative words but also through words that have this extra something.

Then put together these words and observe how beautiful a picture can become. Do not be bored to search in your mental lexicon for them and do not hesitate to note down words that get your attention.

Bubbly bubbles (see? I did alliteration too..!), golden grains of sand 

win the game and get the fun .

And thus you promote your contest with vacations on a luxury resort as a prize.

4. Be creative ! ! !

Do not be afraid to think outside the box. Explore your inner talent for writing, get inspired by everyday moments, pay close attention to everything and capture all the instants that can lead to your next marketing success.

Why am I here?

They told me you will need to learn writing. I learnt. Then, they showed me the blog world. 

The insidious elephant is here to to sneek into incomprehensible ways of life – no touching on names – and to hover mercilessly over hot tomatoes…